Why invest in experiential marketing

Some companies wonder in which types of marketing tools they should invest. There are so many benefits of experiential marketing that should not be neglected, especially because it implies connecting with the customer and establishing a connection that will influence his/her perception upon the brand. To make a bigger impact, promotional staff should be hired as well, being considered specialists in approaching people and representing your brand in the same time.
Marketing campaigns are effective, if they are implemented right and if they are suitable for a certain company, based on the products or services provided. Experiential marketing is effective and companies that invested in it so far have noticed a considerable return on investment. Brand awareness was also created, which is always desired considering how much companies want to reach potential customers and how important it is to be noticed among competitors. Also, thanks to promotional staff, customers will gain a deeper product knowledge, leading them to make actual purchase in the future, even becoming loyal customers.
Sales and leads are also generated thanks to experiential marketing. Take for example sampling or promotional activities that allow customers to see, feel, touch, smell or use a product. They are convinced about how good a product is before they get to buy it. This is a great opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. For the action to be complete, promotional staff can hand out samplings and even present the product while the customer tries it. Just think about the situations in which you tried a certain product and when you liked it, you even purchased it. Such campaigns have to be well planned in order to reach their goals.
These days, most brands interact with customers online, through social media, e-mails or even by phone. Although they are very accessible and convenient, in many cases they can be seen as impersonal and cold, as consumers don’t know who they are talking to and if they are taken seriously. Experiential marketing is different from this point of view as well, because people can interact with the brand directly. When events are held, promotions and such, they get to see who is representing the company, can ask questions on the spot and create relationships that will reflect in revenues afterwards.
Of course, such activities and campaigns can be used along others. For example, photos or videos taken at certain events will be posted on social media. This means a wider audience gets to see them, friends, relatives, colleagues, shared among one another. This is often known as free advertising or word-of-mouth and it is actually hard to achieve without investing time and money. These are some of the benefits worth pointing out and how they can change a person’s perception upon a brand. Marketing campaigns can be used at any point, when companies launch new products, when they are going through a re-branding process, when they get a new logo or when they are launching their business.

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