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Allied Market Research has recently published a report on the point of care diagnostics market, which is a comprehensive study of the entire industry for the period of 2014–2022. The report is a detailed analysis of the market and examines the key driving factors, restraints, opportunities, and challenges faced by the industry players engaged in the market. It focuses on the various market segments, based on kits product type including glucose monitoring, infectious disease testing, urinalysis, pregnancy testing, cholesterol test strips, fecal occult, hematology testing, and cardiometabolic monitoring. The report profiles the big industry players, along with an extensive analysis of their product profiles, business performances, and marketing strategies. Vital statistics, tables, and figures are included in the report to support the findings of the entire study.

Summary of Point of Care Diagnostics Market Report can be accessed on the website at https://www.alliedmarketresearch.com/point-of-care-diagnostics-market

The point of care diagnostics market report highlights the productive growth of the industry in the given forecast period. According to the study, the entire market is estimated to reach a value of $43,336 million by the year 2022. This will be achieved with a projected CAGR of 9.4% during the period 2014–2022. The study focus on the advancements made in the field of diagnostics and how POC testing kits have gained popularity in the last few years.

“The glucose monitoring kits is the top investment pocket in the POC testing devices market. This is attributed to its superior performance, innovative, and advanced applications of these kits. Moreover, the increase in adoption rate of glucose monitoring kits and rise in incidences of diabetes and long shelf life of kits would propel the stakeholders to capitalize on the underlying opportunities in this industry.” states Sachin Sinha, Research Analyst, Healthcare Research at AMR.

Key findings of the Point of Care Diagnostics Market Report:
• A careful analysis of various market segments revealed that the glucose monitoring kits was the leading segment in the overall industry. In terms of revenue, it held the most dominant position in the entire market in 2015.
• The clinically unmet demands of infectious diseases’ diagnoses has popularized the growth of the infectious disease testing kits market segment. It is expected to exhibit a remarkable CAGR of 13.1% during the forecast period.
• Over-the-counter testing kits segment is projected to grow exponentially in the analysis period with a whopping CAGR of 104%.
• In terms of geography, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to progress at a CAGR of 14.1% during the next few years.
• Japan alone accounted for nearly one-third of the Asia-Pacific market for point of care diagnostics, thus making it a majority stakeholder in the regional market.

The report comprises of critical data and inputs about the various production volumes and consumption of point of care diagnostic kits across various medical disciplines. The significant values relating to product analysis and value chain analysis of the market are also included in the report. The study covers the growth factors and opportunities of each segment in detail, along a market forecast too.

An extensive competitive analysis of the industry’s landscape is also included in the report. The key players in the point of care diagnostics market are expanding the scope of their business operations in developing nations by including testing kits that are economical and accurate in their diagnoses in their product portfolios. The report includes a detailed competitive analysis of the major market players, such as Abbott Laboratories, Siemens AG, Sinocare Inc., F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Becton Dickinson and Company, Danaher Corporation, bioMrieux SA, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Sysmex Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Sinocare Inc., and Nova Biomedical.

The point of care diagnostics market report is an in-depth study of the market. It enables the interested business owners and individuals understand the market landscape with the help of critical industry insights. With a detailed explanation of the drivers and opportunities, the investors can easily comprehend how to be a part of the market’s growth. The study takes a closer look at the technological advancements and the potential innovations that can enhance the market’s potential. The geographical synopsis of the industry portrays the market presence in various regions and opportunities for growth. The assessment of risk factors and restraints to the market plays a vital role in helping players mitigate their potential losses. For those planning to expand their reach and product lines, the report offers more than just insights.

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