Solutions for bay window treatments

Bay windows are indeed special, they provide a lot of natural light due to their design, but in the same time they can pose certain problems when it comes to choosing drapes or curtains. Finding the right bay window treatments might be challenging when you are facing only shops that have standard curtains, but not when you can custom them. As a matter of fact, you can take advantage of this unique feature of bay windows and decorate the room in an outstanding manner. Picking out red curtains with golden accents will certainly add some decadence.


To start with, focus on the curtain rods and because there are fewer chances to find bending ones, you can have three separate rods instead. Afterwards, how do you operate the windows? Do they all open and close? A single curtain can work in case you don’t plan on opening windows too often and use it mainly as a window treatment. As with the rods, you can choose separate curtains that fall nicely on the floor, adding length to the room as well. In this case, you can operate each window individually and you don’t have to cover up all windows when closing the bay window treatments.


Often, people want symmetry and perfect decor in their homes, as they spend a lot of time thinking about all details. If this is the case for you, then for bay window treatments you might want to get four curtains. The sides will be covered by two of them and the rest will get together at the center. The rods can be visible or covered up, depending on how you prefer and the type of curtain that you want, a simplified one or a more decadent one, that adds depth to the room. The good news is that you can find many amazing ideas online and providers of custom drapes will help in your search for the perfect solution.


You can start by measuring the window and think about a color scheme, if you want something that stands out, such as red curtains or any other bold color, or you prefer subtle details on the curtain. More to it, what materials do you want to include in the curtain, velvet, silk, cotton, cotton silk? There are many possibilities and even combinations you can make, resulting in simple curtains without any patterns on them or on the contrary. It is one thing to buy off-the-shelves bay window treatments and another to have them custom-made, which instantly offers more possibilities.


Think of curtains as decorations for the room, they don’t only have the purposes of blocking sunlight and acting as insulators, but they also add style to the overall decor. You can find providers online that present catalogs with samples, which take into account your specifications and help you design the perfect curtains. Only after you agree upon the final look, you can have the curtains delivered and then installed. You can be amazed of the final effect that curtains offer and how much they change the appearance of windows and houses.

Have you always wanted bold and decadent red curtains? They can be designed in the exact way you imagined, even as bay window treatments.

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