Best ways to Level Up Revelation Online ane enjoy imperial coins Fun

Revelation Online is awesome and since late last year it is a game lots of people have had fun with and raking in those Revelation Online Imperial Coins is a lot of fun and will really help you make a powerful and unique character. But Revelation Online is a game that many people think you can only play for hours on end each day to level up and get cool stuff. But there are some fun things that you can do which have great rewards and do not take hours and hours.

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At around ten minutes Four Kings is a great solo romp that will really help you out. You get a good amount of XP as well as Incomplete Pages which you will need to level up any special skills that you may have. You get 20 minutes to do this challenge and there are different rounds and if you do this when you are level 49 then things change up a bit with more rounds and a special battle against an evil version of yourself which is cool. Not only is this quick it is also a lot of fun. So doing this once a day is a must if you do not have a lot of time to dedicate to the game.

Ragescale Trial: Level Requirement 35

Now this is a cool one and it is fun so do not look at this as just a grind to help you get more Revelation Online Imperial Coins! This is a trial version of Misty Hollow which opens up when you reach level 35. The idea here is that you have to defeat wave after wave of monsters with bosses showing up in between. You can get a ton of XP, level up your special skill and get a very respectable amount of Guardian Points as well. This is one of the most fun ways to improve your character. Just a heads up, if you are doing this after you have reached level 45 make sure you select the trial mode and not the normal mode.

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