Austin Locksmith Offers Free Automotive Lockouts When Pets are Locked in Vehicles

You hear all over the news about how pets are locked in vehicles on harsh weather days, as well as the negative consequences that this brings. In some cases, this tragedy is as a result of the owner losing their keys or leaving them in the car. An Austin locksmith has figured out the best way to approach this problem to help save these lives. If you have a pet locked in your vehicle Austin Locksmiths will provide you with zero cost emergency pet rescue.

“Our pets are more than just animals; they are furry members of our family. We want to keep them safe and protected, but sometimes things happen. For these occasions, we want to help keep your pets safe.” The owner of this locksmith company shares a love of animals and knows just how bad an animal locked in the car can be, especially on those hotter days. These services can otherwise be very costly and may impact whether or not a person can get this type of help on an emergency basis.

If you want more information about this program, Austin residents can check out their website. Residents can contact Austin Locksmiths on an emergency basis in order to get them out right away to save your pet’s life. Austin Locksmith will send an expert automotive locksmith out in just a matter of minutes. While they are there, they can also help you with other services such as transponder keys in case you lost yours.

“People need to know that there are businesses that care about them and are ready to help them when needed. This includes times of need when an animal is in trouble. People make mistakes all of the time, so having someone there for you can really help ease your mind during a stressful time like this. If you find yourself in this situation, take advantage of this very important service.” The owner of Austin Locksmiths concluded.

About Austin Locksmiths:

Austin Locksmiths has been providing locksmith services in the communities of Austin Texas for nearly a decade. Over the years the have assisted home owners, property owners and motorists with their highly specialized locksmith services. These new free pet rescue services are their way of giving back to the community. Would you like to learn more about their services? View the companies contact details below:




1802 West Ave. #122

Austin, TX 78701


(737) 222-7022

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