THE SHIFT OF WELDING SERVICE FROM YESTERDAY TO TODAYThe idea of welding first developed in the middle ages. At that time, the process of forge welding used to be the only means of joining two metal objects together. However, today, there are limitless welding possibilities, including gas welding, electric welding, laser welding and underwater welding.
While earlier mobile welding used to require a permanent workstation, in the present world, we are fortunate to enjoy welding services on-the-go. For businesses that need to complete projects with tight deadlines, acquiring experienced mobile welders in a timely manner had historically been a challenging endeavour. Not anymoreMajor Welding is proud to provide this service in British Columbia. We are the go-to specialist for pressure welding, offering pipe welding, structural welding and mechanical welding in the commercial sector.
5 MAJOR BENEFITS OF MOBILE WELDING SERVICESMOBILE RATHER THAN FIXATEDMobile welding is a welding service, but it is portable instead of being based on a specific location. Mobile welders from Major Welding not only bring all the knowledge and expertise you need, right where you need it but many innovative skills and the advanced technology to the job.
INSTANT SERVICEWith other welding service companies, you will have the stress of waiting for the welding work to get done. But a mobile welding company will give you their complete attention and finish the job on-the-spot. Major Welding’s service is totally mobile, so forget waiting for days and get the work done on time.
NO TRANSPORTATION HASSLE & CHARGESUsually, metal equipment is heavy and difficult to move. If you are in need of welding service but don’t have the time to steer the logistics of transporting your equipment to a welding workshop, you must call Major Welding. Our certified mobile welding service can save you time, hassle and even transportation charges.
NO HIDDEN COSTSBy ringing up a few mobile welding companies, you can compare quotes. With mobile welders, you can get honest written estimates with no hidden costs. No Surprises! Your experience will be easy and streamlined with mobile welders. Major Welding’s mobile welding service is cost-effective and transparent.
ON-SITE CUSTOM WELDING & FABRICATION WORKSince most mobile welders get custom fabrication and welding work done on-site, you don’t have to worry to visit any welding workshop. If you need to discuss your new welding project, mobile welders will come to your desired location for planning the job. Get satisfactory welding done anywhere, anytime in Vancouver. Of course, if you don’t have the facilities for fabrication, Major Welding has its own fabrication shop where we can complete the work.
A LEADING NAME IN VANCOUVER FOR MOBILE WELDINGWhether you are a business owner, superintendent, project manager or foreman and are involved in the construction industry, then Major Welding is all you need as your mobile welding company.
Our Dispatch center for certified mobile welders is our primary service. There is no limit to the manpower that we can supply, and we cater specifically to clients that require the full-scale services of an experienced pressure welder.
Reduce the amount of stress and inconvenience that a welding project may cause. Use Major Welding for your mobile welding needs. Call the go-to specialist for pressure welding.

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