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So you don’t know what to do in the endgame of Neverwinte? Well we have prepared a special guide for the endgame level where you might get stuck. In this Neverwinter guide we will tell you all of the things that you could be doing in this excellent game. So if you have had a bit of time to turn on Neverwinter and start your experience again let us go down and see the guide about what you can do in the endgame of Neverwinter.

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The very first thing you should do, if you didn’t complete it while leveling, is to finish the Final Vigilance quest in Spinward Rise.
The second thing to do at level 70 is to speak to your old pal Sergeant Knox.
Get simple rare quality item upgrades for other slots. You can either run normal dungeons (Temple of the Spider is very easy) or spend a few astral diamonds on the auction house to buy some new gear.
Get proper item Enchantments and upgrade them. These also increase your item level.
Work on the different expansion zones to get powerful boons.
Do Dragons Run’s when you can in your guilds or alliances stronghold.
Now you can start doing Skirmishes and Dungeons if you want.
Collect Gear/Enchantments/Marks and anything you can use to refine and upgrade your gear and Enchantments.
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