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Though some known issues still need fixing in Revelation Online, it is a playable game, especially for the introduction of Character Cultivation. RO Character Cultivation is a system that allows players to boost their character’s stats, by showing their loyalty to their current guild. Buy revelation online imperial coins to try it!

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First, unlock Character Cultivation

In every Guild, there is a Cultivation Space. To unlock character cultivation, you need to unlock this space with the proper materials and funds, as well as meet the level requirement as below:

Life Force: Character Path – Wanderer & Character Level 49;

Battlefield: Character Path – Adventurer & Life Force Rating (Cultivation) 2080;

Fire Plume: Character Path – Adventurer & Battlefield Rating (Cultivation) 2800.

Note: every time you unlock a new level, you will obtain 16 Rating of the current Cultivation.

Second, collect up the required materials

Excelsion, Fealty and Plumblossom Fruit can be exchanged for Character Cultivation. The further you upgrade, the more of these items you will need. Now there are 3 ways to obtain Plumblossom Fruit:

1. You can buy Plumblossom Fruit for fealty from Tavern Shop, with no limits in quantity. Each fruit costs 6 fealty.

2. Buy more Fruits at the Noble Treasure Vendor. Each player can buy 10 fruits for 6 fealty each via the Superior tab, which requires extra 12 fealty to roll them again.

3. The Guild Quest, Fishing Basket, can give players a Pirate Chest which offers a chance to award small amount of Plumblossom Fruits.

Last, get rewards – three stat upgrades

“In return for the cultivation, you get three stat upgrades broken down into Life Force, Battlefield, or Fire Plume. Life Force increases your health, mana, damage, armor stats, and healing. Battlefield focuses on your attack, defense, and counter abilities. And Fire Plume helps you with spell defense, demon break, defense essence, and break essence.”

Character Cultivation is an interesting and easy way to level up the character in Revelation Online. Do you want to have a try in the new character level-up way? Safewow is always here to offer all players Revelation Onilne imperial coins buying. Enjoy yourself in the new MMO gameplay!

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