Three Weird But True Internet Laws

You can find all types of online laws; excellent ones, undesirable ones, and some which are just plain weird. The weird but accurate world-wide-web laws are what we are going to focus on today. These three laws come from all around the world, and can genuinely make you shake your head in wonder at the sheer insanity of it all. Get extra information about diritto all’oblio privacy

#1: It truly is illegal in the State of Tennessee (USA) to post/send “distressing” pictures making use of the internet

Yes, you heard that appropriately. As of mid-2011 it really is illegal to “transmit or show an image” anyplace on-line which is most likely (yes, most likely) to “frighten, intimidate, or cause emotional distress” to any one who sees it. Yes, anybody, regardless of whether or not the individual in query was the target on the image. This requires the crown for most ridiculous web laws ever made! Under this law, any person, from anywhere in the world, can see an image, and regardless of what that image is depicting, or in the event the uploader even had an ulterior motive for posting it, in the event the image may be traced back to its user, they could face up to a year in jail and more than two-thousand dollars in fines.

#2: It is illegal to personal an “unregistered” modem in Burma

The Burmese government takes the internet really seriously… so much in order that they’ve a stranglehold on web access all all through the nation. World wide web access is restricted by means of hardware and software program restrictions, i.e. unregistered modems. Visitors from outside of the country could bring a single laptop computer system in with them, nevertheless it will have to become declared upon arrival, and it can be safe to assume that just about every mouse click you make with it is actually getting meticulously watched.

#3: In Uxbridge, Ontario it’s illegal to possess an world wide web connection more quickly than 56k!

This is a well known favourite on the internet and can be validated within a variety of locations. This can be one of those strange circumstances of severely out-dated laws which can be nonetheless technically enforceable. It is comical to feel of a location exactly where it really is illegal to possess an internet connection that’s more quickly than dial-up! Out of those three weird net laws, this a single has to win the award for many absurd.

And these are just the tip with the iceberg; there are several other strange but correct online laws on the books all about the world that make lots of folks sit back and wonder what the heck these lawmakers had been thinking once they wrote them and created them into law.

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