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Hearing is something we take for granted. In World of Warcraft raids, voice chat is indispensable to refine strategy between wipes. If there is no voice chat in wow, how could we conquer the raids? The Undaunted guild formed by deaf players makes it! While cheering for them, don’t forget to do something for them!

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Voice chat is indispensable for most wow players in raids

Raids are a key feature of World of Warcraft, and no one can understate its difficulty. It is just the first step to gather 24 friends in front of a boss. Besides, each encounter in the raids has its own special strengthens, which requires all players handle it perfectly. Any mistake would wipe the entire group.

Thus, voice chat is very necessary to bark orders and refine strategy between wipes, for the convenience to communicate and the channel to share the joy of victory.

But how could deaf players raid in WOW?

Joseph Antle, a deaf wow player, carved his way through Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, and Ahn’Qiraj with his Tauren hunter. Before recruited into the Undaunted guild, he was given very easy tasks for his incapability in hearing. In those days, he felt bored and isolated. In 2013, one of his close friends recommended him to join in Undaunted as a DPS.

Undaunted guild, known as Durus Veritas, was formed in the spring of 2011, by a small community of deaf players. All these guild members wanted to use their skills to clear high-end Warcraft encounters without voice chat. They have been through Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, and even the Emerald Nightmare on the highest difficulty successfully. The following is their strategy:

1. Put in a lot of prep work. Plug-ins like Bigwigs and WeakAura are a very helpful for them to make the raiders recognize boss mechanics with heads-up text notifications. Certainly, all raiders have to get used to the chaos from communication and notification.

2. Set up assignments. Whoever raid in WOW, setting up assignments is what they have to do, especially the order of healing cooldowns. Or they would have gone nowhere.

3. Familiarize and memorize tasks. Generally speaking, the first wipes always make players memorize their tasks and know the fight well.

4. Refine strategy and go ahead for victory. Easier said than done. Antle stated that it would take a lot of time to type out technical strategic adjustments instead of just discussing them on an open line.

We are happy and cheerful for their achievement. And well, we hope the development team can take it into consideration to give one more option for the hearing-impaired in WOW.

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