Bridge Direct Launches Large Bridge Loan Program

Today Bridge Direct can announce that they are launching a large Bridge loan program, through this program, they are now offering Bridging loans for private investors on both small and large scales. Our bridge loans are aimed at helping smaller investors, especially when they were desperately looking for small period funding. Bridge Direct has 30 years of Lending experience and it has a substantial lending capital of over £12 million.

All of our Bridge loans are designed to help when you fail to get credit from other lenders such as banks. A lot of the hold ups can be down to over administration, additional checks and large amounts of paperwork and processing. At Bridge Direct you can get an instant decision, as we are lenders and not brokers, with direct access to funds.

Below are the few advantages of using Bridge Direct for your bridge loan requirements:

  • No matter what your circumstances are at Bridge Direct we will consider a Loan for you
  • No middlemen – direct access to funds
  • No upfront fees
  • Each deal assessed on its individual merits
  • Loans from £30K to 500K
  • No Set Criteria
  • Instant Decisions with no credit search required
  • No proof of income required
  • Interest rollup available

Bridge Direct are most experienced bridge loan lenders who can offer bridge loans for commercial and real estate investors. Our approach towards Bridge financing is to give fast approvals, the best possible deal, reliable service and competitive rates. If you are planning for Bridge loans for your residential or business needs, please call us at 020 3126 4969 or you can also visit our website

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