Safewow share Neverwinter Upgrading Relic Weapons tips and astral diamonds for sale

Neverwinter offers you a lot of gear and items that you can have fun with, but sometimes you will have a hard time getting those weapons to a higher level. Whilst it can be difficult, this article will help you out when deciding to upgrade your Relic weapons in Neverwinter.

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The Scoop
So basically, when you get a reward for completing something big in Neverwinter like bonus chests you will get a purple mark and or an orange mark. 5 of each available Neverwinter marks (blue, purple and orange) will net you a weapon of the specific color. So basically, in Neverwinter you get a Legendary weapon with 5 oranges, a Rare Weapon with 5 blue marks and an Epic weapon with 5 purple ones. After this, 5 of each nets you a Legendary weapon for Neverwinter. So basically, its pretty easy to get a Legendary weapon in Neverwinter but the Legendary ones are the hard part. But just stick to a routine of dungeoneering in Neverwinter and you are all set.
Final Words
Upgrading a Relic weapon in Neverwinter after restoring it is something that is pretty easy to do, but shooting for the stars when it comes to Neverwinter Items is quite the difficult process. So if you are really up for a crap tone of dungeon roaming you will have an easy time to get yourself to upgrading relic weapons and even beyond that. And if you are not up to doing that in Neverwinter, you can always purchase Neverwinter Astral Diamonds from a trusted seller and use that to get yourself some high level gear.

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