Opd management Video

Practo Ray Clinic Management Video

Practo Ray is a clinic management software which simplifies practice management for doctors and clinics. Using Practo Ray software, doctors can schedule appointments, access digital health records, generate printed bills and prescriptions and access clinic and patients analytics. The entire doctor software is based on highly secured cloud servers which can be accessed from anywhere at any time. The clinic management video helps doctors and patients connect in a smarter way.

Palash Practice Platform Video

Palash Practice is a online clinic management platform for managing Clinical & Financial processes in any Clinic & allowing you to improvise Patient’s experience. Palash healthcare system identified problems and decided to put their decade of experience in place to solve those problem. Being an ERP solution provider in healthcare domain with all available specialties under its wing, PHS has decided to design a solution suitable for Indian market with all modalities required to be part of the futuristic ecosystem.The clinic management video shows how Palash Practice’s platform offers an impressive integrated healthcare system.


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