Focus On Conflict-Driven Stories Crown Plaza at Bell Tower Shops

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Focus On Conflict-Driven Stories

Crown Plaza at Bell Tower Shops – July 22, 2017

13051 Bell Tower Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33907

Come join the Florida Writers Association (FWA) for the final focus day of the year. There will be a day full of workshops all related to Conflict-Driven Stories beginning at 8:30 a.m.

Conflict driven stories are all about the plot twists, on-going action, and the external conflicts forcing the hands of the characters. Often characters are taken on a rollercoaster of situations requiring them to make snap decisions. Four members of faculty will cover various parts of conflict-driven stories.

After a continental breakfast and opening remarks, Bria Burton will teach attendees about the pros and cons of outlining and how to decide the best approach . Following a brief break, J Kent Holloway will go over surroundings and what makes it so pertinent to the plot. There will be an hour long interlude for lunch and networking. The next to last workshop will be presented by Cheri Roman, who will discuss how motivation leads to conflict and how conflict works in the story. Ken Pelham will finish the workshops with talking about the end or climax of the story. The day will conclude with a panel discussion and closing remarks. And don’t forget about the door prizes!

Attendees don’t have to take all four workshops. The time can be used to add one-on-one interviews with any one of the presenters. (Note: Cost for a 15 minute interview is $25 plus registration for the full focus day is required.)

Last year, an attendee said, “The workshops I took helped me turn my novel into a masterpiece. Because of their help I was able to win one of the awards presented by the Florida Writers Association.”

About Florida Writers Association

Florida Writers Association (FWA) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization supporting the state’s established and emerging writers including poets, editors, publishers and agents of all genres. With a membership open to the public, FWA is all about “Writers Helping Writers.”


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