Skin It Rite, LLC Launches the Wade Fishing Gear: The Wading Ring

Contact: Stephen Mills

Company: Skin It Rite, LLC

Address: Victoria, Texas

Telephone Number: (361)582-6226


Skin It Rite, LLC Launches the Wade Fishing Gear: The Wading Ring

Skin It Rite, LLC launched a new fishing gear and this product is called Wade Fishing Gear: The Wading Ring. It fits any compartment on a boat and it is shark deterrent. It also helps users to keep the fish alive. It comes with a stainless steel cable that will not rust.

Skin It Rite, LLC assures that the product comes with a lifetime limited warranty return with $20 and would be replaced if the item arrived damaged. It doubles as a gear bag and is designed to not flip in the surf. This product was invented and introduced by Stephen Mills. Fishing was his favorite pastime for more than 30 years. He loves to go at Texas Gulf Coast in the saltwater which is hugely unforgiving on most all fishing equipment.

The sole metal component on the Skin It Rite ring is the stainless steel wire used for manufacturing the ring. He used what he believes is each type of equipment that has been intended for holding or containing your fish catch while wading from traditional stringers, Do-Nets with Styrofoam ring and a floating net bag that is typically known as the Fish Tamer. None of such designs have functional performance of a Skin It Rite ring. First of all, as a guide, usually having 4 to 5 people on his boat, one of his major concerns is the storage for everybody’s equipment and gear.

As he normally provides his customers with a complete set of wading gear, he fine tunes what works great on the water and on his boat. The Skin It Rite ring is collapsible and that means he can shape it to fit within the storage hatches. It’s very stackable and he can fit 6 of these bags in just one storage compartment. A Do-Net with a foam ring will not even fit in the hatch and it is too wide and it does not flex.

The Fish Tamer bags would fit as they’re flexible, yet they are bulky and he can fit just 3 in just one hatch. It is a very crucial feature. The Skin It Rite ring comes with a draw string opening which could be used to open or close with just one hand. Durability is important, particularly if fishing a lot within a shallow saltwater. The bulky duty net bag is very tear-resistant and bulky stainless steel wire would resist corrosion on a long period of time.

The multiple cork flotation system allows the top part of the bag to be seated in the water. To learn more about the product, please feel free to visit