Floor sanding and polishing your wooden floors is the easiest way to update your home and increase your properties value. So how to floor sand and polish your wooden floors.

First of all, all other trade work needs to be finished before floor sanding and floor polishing can begin. Our floor sanders at Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane will require mains electricity to undertake and complete your polished timber floors. Homes that have just been purchased will require power to be reconnected before wood floor refinishing can begin. All gas and electrical appliances need to be disconnected or turned off for safety reasons. Sometimes the timber floor finish can drop through the floor boards, so all items below need to be covered adequately or moved out of the way. If required Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane can arrange floor covering removal if needed. Removing the floor coverings staples and tacks yourself, will help reduce your floor sanding and polishing cost. So, how to begin floor sanding and polishing? Firstly all the nails in the wooden floor boards will be punched into the timber floor boards. Then if the old floor coating needs floor stripping, a coarse grade of sandpaper will start the floor sanding process. The nail holes will be filled with a matching colour of wood floor filler. If the floor is damaged in any way, timber floor repairs, including floor board replacement will need to take place at this stage. Progressively, the wooden floor will be sanded with finer sand paper until the floor boards are smooth. Now a timber floor finish can be applied. After the floor sanding has been finished, the first coat of wood floor finish is applied to the bare floor and allowed to dry overnight. The timber floor is then finely sanded with a specialist floor sanding buffing machine, before the final couple of floor coatings are added. Most floor sanding and polishing projects are completed with three coats of floor finish. Floor sanding and polishing will usually take 3 to 4 days to complete the wood floor refinishing job. Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane can supply a selection of different timber floor finishes, including gloss, satin and mat sheen wood floor coatings. Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane, offer the best floor sanding services in Brisbane. Contact us for all your floor sanding and wooden floor finishes options.

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