Da Silva Legal Offers Ace Legal Services for Cases under Tort Law

Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation is known to be a reputed personal injury law firm in Toronto. The firm provides adept lawyers and paralegals that have the skill to handle a host of cases that include car or slip accidents, disability benefits, traffic offences, landlord or tenant disputes and personal injury cases.

Tort means injury or wrongful acts that cause emotional, physical or financial damage to any person where another person can be held responsible legally for causing the damage. The tort law includes unintentional tort and intentional tort and the personal injury layers of this firm have the expertise to handle all the cases under this law.

This Toronto-based firm provides personal injury lawyers who represent in court those claiming to sustain injury either physically or psychologically for negligence due to government agency, company, person etc. Person injury attorneys are knowledgeable in tort law. They are trained and licensed to deal with cases from any law field but have the expertise in dealing with cases that include civil wrongs, economic or damage of the non-economic type due to property, reputation or right of a person. They effectively handle cases like work injuries, defective products automobile accidents, slip and fall accidents, medical mistakes etc.

The personal injury lawyers of the Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation abide by rules and codes laid down by State Bar Association. They are popularly known as trial lawyers but most of the time their cases are settled out of court before going to other defendant lawyers, prosecutors etc.

The personal injury attorneys of this firm are transparent in their dealings with their clients. They offer free consultation and case evaluation and clients do not have to pay upfront fees. Only after receiving fair settlement the clients are required to pay the personal injury lawyers.

About Da Silva Legal Services

Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation is a legal firm based in Toronto that has been in operation for more than 20 years. It offers ace paralegals and lawyers who have the skill, knowledge and experience to deftly handle cases that come under all law fields such as traffic offences, fall and slip accidents, disability benefits, minor claim disputes, criminal charges, cases of civil litigation, criminal laws, contract breach, divorce and family law cases, property disputes, landlord and tenant disputes etc.

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