5 Tips for a Successful Vacation Rental Ad!

Do you have an unoccupied accommodation in the sea, in town, in the mountains or in the countryside and you wish to put it in rent the time of vacations? IHA Holiday ads is the expert in direct by owners vacation rentals.

• Look after your home and your ad
The essential element of your approach is of course your accommodation, its equipment and its services. Know how to manage the presentation of your property and highlight its assets: location, type of rental, themes, possible services, surrounding, facilities, …The IHA portal, list and constantly updates all the criteria (about 1500 to this day) that make the difference for vacationers, and that put your property on the front of the stage.

• Understand your costs and control them
Often the model of remuneration of the sites of vacation rentals proposes or imposes a percentage on the bookings or by contact. But the price of the rental is fixed by the owner, and often it has nothing to do with the delivery of sites or agencies. In order to make its property profitable, it is therefore better to dispose of unnecessary intermediaries and over-charged services and to favor packages solutions, clearly announced and easy to compare. The important thing is to keep control over your property and its leasing, at IHA vacationers can reach you directly and you remain entirely in control of your approach.

• Photos, photos and still photos
The first notice of the vacationers is done on the visual overview of your property. Highlight the asset of the accommodation, the one on which will be the favorite of the vacationers. Only photos can quickly make a good impression, so it is important to carefully look after this aspect of your ad: open the windows for brightness, decorate your interior with flowers, present a general view or panorama. IHA allows for example to add up to 100 photos depending on the type of rental to accompany its advertisement.

• Promote it
Timing is important. As every vacationer has his favorite period to travel, as each region has its peaks and troughs of affluence. To make your advert as visible as possible, consider offering promotions at the appropriate times (to fill out a slack week), offering last minute rates (when a niche is slow to fill), to offer theme vacations (like a local festival, a harvest season, a special activity), but also to benefit from the automatic translations of your ad, the vacationer will appreciate the comfort of discovering your property in his native language. IHA offers all these advantages to publishing, machine translation and free in 11 languages ??and much more.

• Renew your ad regularly
Adapt your personal ad to the season, add or change criteria to stay up-to-date, maybe there are new activities in the area or recent improvements? IHA allows you to expand your ad with personalized text, take advantage of this opportunity to make vacationers dream and highlight the assets of your rental.

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