Traditional or Modern Holiday Park Wifi Installation?

Especially if you do not already have a holiday park wifi network installed, you probably do not really know what to expect from traditional or modern options. This means that the moment you decide that you are going to invest in holiday park wifi installation, you will probably opt for the least expensive solution that certain professionals recommend. However, you should be aware of the fact that this particular option might not be the best one for your park.


In fact, you should make sure that you understand just how important it is to offer your guests the holiday park wifi connection that they are expecting to benefit from. As long as you mention “access to wifi” in your brochure, they will believe that when they get to the park, they will be able to stream online movies. Is that an option? With traditional holiday park wifi networks, the answer is a hard no. Surely, you can’t ask guests to connect to the network one at a time.


They will all want to have access to the network whenever they feel like it. When talking about traditional holiday park wifi installation, you need to know that as soon as everything is said and done, you will start dealing with certain issues. First of all, the more guests choose to go online at the same time, the slower will the internet connection be. Also, they might go online and choose to load a movie so that they can watch it with the entire family and an hour later, they realize that they need to wait more than they initially thought.


This would not be such a big issue if there wouldn’t be families that come with their children, who want to watch their favourite cartoons. Surely, they will not be too patient. As a comparison, a modern wifi network will prevent you and your guests from dealing with any of these unpleasant situations. At the same time, you will be able to ensure that every single one of the people in the park will have the option of being online whenever they want to and have all pages load as fast as possible.


It all depends on the expertise of the holiday park wifi installation professionals that you rely on. You should ask them about fibre optic and if there are any interesting solutions that they can combine to offer you just the advantages that you require. Among the benefits mentioned above, you should have the option to have a separate network for your staff and one for your guests. Also, there should be full coverage – both indoors and outdoors at all times.


As you can obviously see, when it comes to holiday park wifi, it is always better to keep up with the latest trends than to settle for out of date solutions. If you are interested in more details regarding better holiday park wifi installation, you should visit our website and get in touch with our experts as soon as possible!

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