Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies 2017

Evolving Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies: Digital as a Key Component of Multichannel Marketing 2017 report provides a comprehensive analysis of the changing pharmaceutical marketing landscape in the digital age. The report features an overview of the various marketing channels available to pharma, and examines the factors driving change within this field. It analyzes how a wide range of digital marketing methods can be effectively integrated into a synergistic multichannel marketing strategy that allows both traditional and newer channels to complement each other.

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Analysis of the main challenges and risks associated with digital marketing methods, in addition to potential solutions and approaches to overcoming them, is provided. Real-world case studies of marketing strategies and campaigns employed by pharma are also included.

  • Overview of Marketing Channels Available to Pharma
  • Drivers of Change in Pharma Marketing Strategy
  • Evolving Patient and Consumer Market Trends
  • Evolving Physician Market Trends
  • Advantages of Digital Strategies versus Traditional Marketing Strategies in Pharma
  • Digital and Multichannel Marketing Strategies
  • Multichannel Marketing
  • Implementing a Multichannel Marketing Strategy
  • Implementing Digital into Face-to-Face Detailing
  • eDetailing
  • Big Data for Pharma Marketing
  • Using Big Data for Physician Targeting
  • Using Big Data for Sales Force Allocation
  • Social Media: Key Opportunities Provided by this Channel
  • Social Media Marketing Case Study
  • Embracing Video Content for Digital Pharma Marketing
  • Key Features of Effective Video Marketing
  • Prepare for Digital Drug Launches
  • Mobile Marketing: Updating Practices for the Smartphone Era
  • Pharma Mobile Apps
  • Closed Loop Marketing as Part of Multichannel Marketing
  • Medical Science Liaisons as part of Multichannel Marketing
  • Utilizing Digital Tools to Empower Medical Science Liaisons
  • Programmatic Advertising in Pharma
  • Programmatic Advertising: Approaches to Avoid Regulatory Issues
  • Challenges of Pharma Digital Marketing and Solutions
  • Social Media Marketing Challenges and Solutions
  • AstraZeneca Social Media Guidance
  • Privacy Issues
  • Digital Talent Gap in Pharma and Other Organizational Challenges
  • How does Branded Content Stay Relevant in the Internet Age?
  • Challenge of Measuring Return on Investment in a Multichannel Marketing Strategy
  • How to Accelerate Digital Marketing
  • Pharma Digital Marketing Strategies: Case Studies”


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  • What are the different marketing channels available to pharma?
  • What factors is driving change in the traditional pharma marketing strategy?
  • What is a multichannel marketing strategy? What are the benefits, and how can they be implemented effectively?
  • What are the different digital marketing strategies that pharma can utilize in order to keep pace with changing needs, and maintain ROI? How can these be implemented effectively?
  • What are the main challenges and risks associated with digital marketing methods, and what are some potential solutions and approaches to overcoming these?
  • What digital marketing strategies and campaigns have been employed by pharma in recent years?
  • What are the key strategic recommendations and guidelines for digital marketing as part of an integrated multichannel marketing strategy?


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Reasons to Buy

·         Understand how and why pharmaceutical marketing is evolving

·         Gain insights into various digital marketing strategies, their benefits and key features, and recommendations on how to effectively implement them

·         Assess examples of approaches taken by other companies in the field

·         Understand the challenges and risks involved in pharma digital marketing, and ways in which you can plan for these challenges and minimize risks”

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