Forecast Till 2021: Strategic Assessment of Worldwide Automotive PCB Market

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The automotive market has seen a number of technological changes over the years. Most of them were centered around the efficiency and power of an engine. In the last decade however, there has been quite a bit of focus on improving the user experience of the vehicle. For example, till about a decade back, a stereo system would have been the only device as part of an infotainment system.

Today, an infotainment system would consist of a display, satellite radio, video game and so on in the vehicle. Further to this, vehicles have also started incorporating electronic seat adjustment systems wherein with the touch a button, a seat can be adjusted to a desired position. All of these advancements involve a high volume of electronics and as such, require automotive grade PCBs.
Table of Contents

Section 1 Research Methodology

Section 2 Executive Summary
2.1 Report highlights

Section 3 Scope of the report
3.1 Report coverage
3.2 Definitions of the products and markets

Section 4 Market landscape – Automotive PCB Market
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Global automotive market – An overview
4.3 Life cycle of automotive electronic components – 2015 perspective
4.4 Market classification
4.5 PCB manufacturing technology
4.6 Value chain – Automotive PCB market
4.6.1 Materials/component suppliers
4.6.2 Most commonly used base raw materials
4.6.3 PCB manufacturers
4.6.4 Contract manufacturers – PCB
4.6.5 Tire-1 suppliers
4.6.6 OEMs
4.7 Integration activity
4.8 Top PCB manufacturers by geography
4.8.1 Few of the M&A activities include
Section 5 Key Market Trends

Section 6 Key Market Drivers

Section 7 Key Market Challenges

Section 8 Global Automotive PCB Market
8.1 Market Size and Forecast
8.2 Factors influencing the usage of PCBs in automotive market during the forecast period
8.3 Porter’s five forces analysis

Section 9 Market Segmentation

Section 10 Market Segmentation by Application
10.1 Market size and forecast by application
10.2 Interior components market segmentation
10.2.1 Market size and forecast
10.3 Powertrain components market segmentation
10.3.1 Market overview
10.3.2 Additional electronic components used in hybrid and electric vehicles
10.3.3 Market size and forecast for semiconductor market for powertrain application
10.3.4 Market size and forecast
10.4 Engine control components market segmentation
10.4.1 Market overview
10.4.2 Market size and forecast for PCB market for engine control components

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