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February 26, 2017: Management education in India has experienced a great change in the recent years and it has affected across populations. Students from different streams and educational backgrounds are gearing up for studying managements in the top MBA colleges spread in different states of India. The dream of thousands of students every year is transformed into reality by the appearances in the entrance exams that are conducted. But success in MBA entrance exam in India is also no cake walk.  There is so much of competition nowadays in the MBA college admission that it could not be possible to secure a seat in the top MBA colleges without a rank in the top.


If you do not have any entrance exam score and do not want to pay donations, then you apply for direct MBA admission without entrance exam through management quota. There are several MBA colleges without entrance exam, where students can get direct admission to the MBA programs. St. Hopkins College is one such top MBA colleges in Bangalore without entrance exam that offers direct MBA admission without entrance exam.


In this college, students can apply for direct admission in MBA through management quota without donation. In order to help students who have not appeared any entrance exams for MBA, St. Hopkins has launched an initiative through which one can take up an online aptitude test to get direct MBA admission without entrance exam. St Hopkins MBA program offers 2 international trips with placement guarantee from 3rd semester so that students can complete MBA with 1 year of work experience.


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St. Hopkins MBA College Bangalore offers direct MBA admission without entrance exam to students through management quota without any donation. You can get more information from



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