Radiantpay to offer online banking payment solutions with Real time authorisation of payments

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Real time authorisation of payments with check guarantee, verification and recovery permits customers satisfaction to pay conveniently

16th February 2017,

London –

The leading provider of global and international payment processing services “Radiant Payment Gateway Services” today announced that they are expanding its online banking payment solutions with real time authorisation of payments for all cards and electronic payments. This brings the Company to give best online payment solutions that facilitates check guarantee, verification and recovery at the time when the customers make purchase using cards and any electronic form of payment. This means the online e-commerce merchants will now be able to give best shopping experience with No frauds practices with instant determination of money available in the customer bank account.

Many consumer believes payments are currently processed in real time, but of many of them do not understand the complexity the process that occur after swiping cards. At the time when customers swipe card through point of sale or any virtual terminal. When a merchant enters a credit card transaction, a response comes back from the issuing bank to the acquirer and back to the merchant, all in a second or so.  Real time authorisation gives merchants a clear identification of customers. It can be either decline or approve by the issuing bank in order to check and confirm. If the authorization is approved, that means funds are available to be withdrawn from the customer’s account and put into the merchant’s bank account.

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The leading company in UK, London for providing best payment processing solutions. They serve quality professional services with innovation. The payment processing solutions helps all the merchants to tap the most out of the business. With Radiant Pay the merchants have elasticity to accept online payments through several payments modes. Radiant pay offer flexible, secure and innovative services to all merchants having e-commerce business.

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