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Double XP Weekend is approaching. Are you ready to sign up the runescpae community for 72 hours of XP awesomeness? It’s high time to learn to read the full details in the event and get the most from its magnificent XP bonus deals. Meanwhile, highly recommend to purchase cheap runescape 3 gold with around 10% extra bonus from

As we all known, each double xp few days lasts for 72 hours and where base XP for many combat and skilling activities is increased. There will be many differences between members as well as free players:

+100% for RuneScape users

+20% for free participants

There will be some sort of week-long tail-off period pertaining to 07 Runescape Gold members
Additionally, there will be some deals this time. As soon as Twice XP Weekend overs, a week-long tail-off interval begins for RuneScape people. Some important points in the same way follows:

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Buy legit game for 07 Runescape Gold at

1. The tail-off period is maintained from 12: 00 UTC on twentieth February until 12: 00 UTC on 27th Feb.

2. During this period, members will enjoy a boost to their first 1 mil XP earned.

3. Restrictions are the just like on the weekend per se.

4. The boost starts in double XP (+100% XP) and decreases by 5% for every 50, 000 XP earned.

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Special gifts for Valentine and DXP Weekend! RS3gold provides cheap runescape 3 silver and osrs gold with approximately 10% extra bonus for everyone customers. During Feb. 13 to Feb. 28, no matter what the volume of RS 3 gold you get on RS3gold, you will get totally free extra bonus automatically. What are you hesitating pertaining to? Just seize the option with ant delay.

Double XP Weekend certainly is the best chance to stage up your skills and earn increasingly more XP concurrently. You’d better stock sufficient cheap runescape 3 gold in advance to create a great harvest in this particular weekend.

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