Brisbane, Australia, February, 18, 2017, Media junkies a renowned name in  world  of  digital  marketing  expanding  their  services  for  their  client  by  implementing  software infusion soft. They implemented infusion soft and connected on API to sync to their ecommerce platform and provide one powerful sales and marketing solution.


They also automated lots of their intense process and optimized their digital making using a software infusion soft. They got overwhelmed results in a very first month they increased sales by 20%.It helps their client to lesser their burden and got time to formulated strategies for growth of their business.


It helps them to convert leads into customer by focusing more on them in well structured and precise manner which helps to increase in sales and conversion. In this software CRM is a tool that is Contact Relation Management which assist in manage relationship with customers, Potential buyers, Suppliers and users.


They have a professional team of experts and with the help of this, they are updating  their  customer and continuously track them as well as they  are doing  workflow management by which they are managing  multiple responsibility and tasks.


Media Junkies Broadcast content to their social networks on face book and twitter. Users now have better visibility in to who is sharing and what type of content is being shared. Having this data helps them segment and target their sales and marketing efforts.



(Creative Director)


Gold Coast Head Office

194 Varsity Parade

Varsity Lakes

QLD 4227

Infusion soft –   0755883626
Sales Contact-   0755883625
Tech Support – 0730401227

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