Why Employ a Costumed Character On Your Children’s Party

Over the past couple of years, the look-a-like costumes of your child’s favorite character have become the hottest birthday party entertainment.

That is why in every major city you see a growth in the amount of performers taking the costumes. Typically, the need for the costumes outweigh the supply.

Exactly why is this this kind of phenomena?

My guess is together with the development of all of the accessories currently involving the purchase of everything from pillows to key chains, this was the next logical step. You can already get the plates, napkins, cups, tablecloths of your kid’s favourite character at the local party shop.

Additionally, it is a small child’s driven business. The common range of 2-5 years is the bulk of children at most costumed character parties.

While magicians and clowns still make up a big part of the party amusement, their numbers have dwindle a bit for the small children party scene. Clowns sometimes are extremely chilling to young kids even adults. Most magic shows unless it’s silly magic, often hold the attention of children older than five.

Let us recognize that a 6 foot big-headed character walking via your door with loud music could be very frightening as well. Typically kids 3 years old or less have this problem. The 5 and 4 year old children have a tendency to own requested the characters who perform at their parties.

The applications offered typically come in varying kinds, but these are the two of the most popular:

Usually, after 30-40 minutes, the party leader comes back in the costume to theme music, leaves and performs a meet & greet, dancing, plays games, poses for photographs. see this site entertainment for kids birthday


Under both scenarios, most parties are usually one hour.

Typically, the characters don’t speak, notably a party leader accompanies them.

The top age range for these parties average around 8 or 9 years old.

Prices for this type of entertainment vary from $ 75 to $300 or more per hour.

The question I usually receive is, “Why can not I find the characters in my city?”. The reason why is the above mentioned characters and a lot of the costumed performers you see on television are copyrighted characters. There are various copyright infringement laws protect the rights of the permit holder.

Most characters for birthday parties are look-a-likes or impersonators of the characters you see on television.

The performers can be seen at birthday parties in fitness centers, houses, recreation centers, party rooms, outdoor parks, etc. Just about anywhere you can have a party. They are now more prevalent at grand openings, open houses, and festival and fairs.

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