The study consists of drivers, restraints and opportunities prevailing in Wearable Computing Devices Market by 2020

Wearable computing devices are user-friendly, autonomous, and aesthetically designed gadgets to make a value addition to a consumer’s lifestyle. Also known as wearables, these device source Internet from cellular packed data, WiFi or Bluetooth and to make connections with other connected devices. The wearable devices are lending a unique touch to the way health and fitness routines are managed. However, they face an obstacle of a massive dependency on tablets and smartphones to make an instant impact on the market. The complete functionality of a wearable computing device can only be exercised when it used in conjunction with a phone or a tablet.

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The other problem area for wearables is the general perception of it being a fashion accessory. The lack of knowledge and understanding about this gadget is leading to a misunderstood functionality amongst potential consumers. The benefits or the real use of a wearable computing device is barely understood by consumers at large. To complicate this problem further, the whooping price range of these devices is another detrimental factor to the growth of this market.

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Industry experts predict the fitness bands and watches segment of the overall wearable computing devices market will soar high as compared to others. The reasons for this growth trend will be their appeal to a very niche audience, growing awareness amongst consumers, and the rising disposable incomes. Business intelligence also suggests, the likes of Google Glass and Apple Watch will truly kick start a revolution for the wearable computing devices market in the coming few years.

Table of Content

1. Global Wearable Computing Devices Market – Executive Summary

2. Global Wearable Computing Devices Market Overview

3. Global Wearable Computing Devices Market Analysis and Forecast

4. Market Dynamics

5. Global Wearable Computing Devices Market Analysis and Forecast, by Product Category


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