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Our translators have years of experience translating thousands of business documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and academic transcripts for thousands of clients. Our expertise and experience allow us to deliver high quality translation faster that anyone else in the document translation industry. When you buy WPML, you get the capability to create multilingual WordPress sites. WPML doesnt translate your professional content translation. It lets you translate or send professional content translation to translators. If you need help translating your professional content translation, the professional translation option is for you.

Using WPMLs Professional Translation, you enjoy a simple and convenient process for sending professional content translation to translation and receiving it back. Access to leading professional content translation, completely integrated with WPML, who can translate the professional content translation for you Competitive pricing. Outstanding translation quality How it Works To use the Professional Translation option, you need to install WPMLs Translation Management module. You also need to register your site to enable professional translation. Once Translation Management is installed and activated, go to WPMLTranslation ManagementTranslators.

There, under Available professional content translation select the professional content translation that you want to use. Enter your credentials for the professional content translation that youve selected. Sending professional content translation to Translation Once youve selected a professional content translation and authenticated with your account information for the professional content translation, go to the Translation Dashboard WPMLTranslation Management. Select the professional content translation that you want to send to translation. Scroll down to Translation options and choose the languages to translate to. Then, click on Add to translation basket.

The Translation Basket is a temporary place to keep track of documents that you intend to send to translation. Adding to the Translation Basket doesnt trigger actual translation or payment for translation. When you are done adding professional content translation to the Translation Basket, click on the Translation Basket tab to review them. You can still remove items from the basket before sending to your professional content translation. Finally, select the professional content translation and send the jobs. Now, the documents that you have selected are going to your professional content translation. If you need to complete any steps in your professional content translation, do that now.

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