Airwheel Smart city electric assist bicycle R5 Balances Functions with Needs

Customers’ standards for intelligent products are much more stringent than ever. An intelligent product should not merely allure people with fancy looks but unpractical functions. Airwheel has then focused more on catering to the basic needs of customers.

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A good commuting vehicle is a perfect combination of structure and materials. Airwheel electric folding bike R5, is light-weighted, by adopting aluminum alloy. To save storage space, it is designed with incredible folding ability. It only takes three steps to fold the main body, operating rod, handle bars and pedals. The folding feature also enables it to be easily carried onto public transportation system. In particular, when it suddenly rains, it is quite risky to ride electric bikes on the road. Then riders can either fold the vehicle to take metros, or to call a taxi and store the vehicle in the trunk.

Airwheel electric assist bike R5 has kept the simplified structure of traditional bikes, with a chain system. Only a motor and a Li-ion battery is added. The battery is mini and it weighs 1.4kg, without causing burden to the vehicle. Instead, the battery is integrated with a USB port and can serve as a portable power source. The vehicle has been designed concentrating on the power assistance function. It can shift its role freely between bikes and electric bikes. There is also a compromised operating mode, the power-assistance mode. In this mode, the motor will output energy to assist riders to pedal. There are 0-11 gears to choose. They can enjoy both the fun of pedaling and the joy of labor saving.

Scientific technologies have brought enormous change to the every aspect of life. Customers are getting more critical in choosing a desirable commuting vehicle. The once fast automobiles are no longer that fast facing the severe traffic congestion. Designing and practical functions appeal more to the people. Airwheel electric assist bike R5, with its intelligent yet practical functions really stands out among the gaudy products.

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