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Many prominences have been laid on white collar jobs and startups that serve to this category, but no one gave an importance to blue collar jobs. The major part of our population engages in blue collar jobs, although we don’t actually have many platforms which can provide them recruitment information or looks at their training needs.


Dinesh Goel, a chemical engineer from IIT-Bombay noticed when he found his house maid worried about her son’s job. A watchman of his housing society would ask him about better job opportunities. Many other incidences like these made Dinesh Goel realise that there was a need of network and training opportunities for blue collar jobs. Later, Mr. Goel and his batch mates Kunal Jadhav and Gaurav Toshniwal teamed up to launch a unique recruitment platform especially for blue collar class, named as Aasaanjobs. Dinesh, Gaurav, and Kunal understood the growing need of training avenues for the entry level job seekers that may help them find fulfilling jobs and companies to get proficient employees. This was the time Hunarr was established.


Hunarr is a stand alone skill development product of Aasaanjobs, an online recruitment and staffing company for entry level jobs. Founders of Aasaanjobs noticed a skill gap between the current level of employment and the employability of job seekers. This pushed the founders of Aasaanjobs to come up with a solution which took the shape of an online platform to help job seekers find the right training providers and training institutes.


“Lack of awareness about skills required for a job or lack of knowledge about the authenticity of some training institutes are the obstacles which most of the candidates face while searching for a job. Apart from this, taking decisions based on mere counseling or recommendation and Lack of transparency regarding job placements are some other challenges faced by a job seeker” said Dinesh Goel.


Thus, followed by such problems, Hunarr intends to solve these issues by linking skill sets and key result areas of a job to a course and help candidates pick a career path that suits their aptitude the best.


Hunarr provides its users to check the authenticity of the institutes, information around job guarantee, placement companies, and certification delivered by the institutes. This website has a list of numerous training institutes which are providing relevant courses at varied locations, prices, and timings. More than 1000 institutes are registered with Hunarr which are providing 6700+ courses all over India. Out of which 10 percent of the courses are giving job guarantee. There are 150 + job roles that can be searched on Hunarr including the accountant, back office, graphic designers, software developers among many others.


In a statement Mr. Siddharth Gupta, Head of Marketing & PR, Aasaanjobs said, “It is exciting to see so many training institutes finding value in listing themselves on Hunarr. We get constant feedback from registered institutions on how their inflow of admissions have improved since they have associated with us. It is even more exciting to see people enrolling in the right training courses so as to become job ready and embark on a successful professional career.”

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