Airwheel E6 Intelligent Foldable Electric Bike Becomes Girls Exclusive Travel Transport

Girls can’t stay at home all day long. They prefer to go out with good friends and they often love to go shopping, enjoy delicious food or watching the newest movie. They need a travel transport if they want to go out. Here suggests Airwheel E6 smart electric folding bike. Girls don’t need to wait for public transportations or drive private car anymore, because both of them may be hindered by congested traffic. E6 gives girls freedom in journey.

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Airwheel E6 foldable bike is driven by lithium-ion battery. For delicate girls, it is the best choice. The equipped saddle gets rid of traditional sponge and selects breathable rubber, which paves way for better sitting experience. Meanwhile, the saddle is based on ergonomics. The separated design makes buttocks bear even force and has good ventilation. Comfortable riding experience has been realized. Besides, E6 adopts X-shaped structure, which realizes big load capacity and beautiful appearance. In the international “red spot” prize, E6 folding electric bike is highly praised as the best combination of structure and material. Besides, it is equipped with an exclusive APP, which can be installed in the cell phone. Then, girls can check riding data, locate in real time and set alarm via the phone. In addition, the adopted EBS intelligent brake system offers quick, accurate and safe brake when emergency happens. That is to say, the riding safety can be ensured.

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In daily life, Airwheel E6 foldable e bicycle is able to cover a lot of travels for girls. They can ride it to go to work, to meet friends or to appreciate a beautiful scenery. All in all, they can weave in city smoothly and freely. What is more, girls don’t worry about how to park their E6. When they get to the destination, they can fold E6 ideawheel and put in the equipped backpack. It is absolutely an exclusive transport for girls.

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