Global Mushroom Market Attains Higher Growth Rate as Demand from Value-added Products Rises

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The key factor augmenting the global mushroom market at the moment is the incorporation of mushrooms in value-added food products. A growing number of consumers are being attracted to up their intake of mushrooms after becoming aware of their health benefits. As a result, the global mushroom market is experiencing a direct increase in demand. Mushrooms are known to possess several valuable properties that help combat diseases such as prostate and breast cancers, recent studies have shown. A lot of the commonly available mushrooms are also rich in selenium and other minerals, making them essential to the diet of consumers who are looking to lose weight by reducing calorie intake.

The global mushroom market is segmented on the basis of commonly produced types, into paddy, reishi or lingzhi, winter, oyster, shiitake, and button. Each type holds a greater prominence in different regions of the world, while a lot of them are prominently available in developed economies due to high demand. On the basis of storage methods, the global mushroom market is classified into processed, canned, dried, frozen, fresh, and chilled. While there is a growing demand for fresh mushrooms, frozen and chilled mushrooms are easier to store and transport than fresh ones, as the latter has a much smaller effective radius of transportation. At the same time, advancements in transportation and packaging options are allowing distributors to transport fresh mushrooms to greater distances, thereby improving the revenue generated by the global mushroom market in general.

From a regional perspective, the global mushroom market was being dominated by Asia Pacific, particularly by the extremely high demand for mushrooms from Japan, China, and even India. At the same time, North America and Europe hold high value markets for the sales of exotic mushrooms in terms of imports as well as regional production. For instance, the rate of cultivation of shiitake mushrooms has shot up over the past few years in North America and Europe, given the increase in demand for them in these regions.

The key players that have held leading positions so far in the global mushroom market, include Drinkwater Mushrooms Ltd., Hughes Mushroom, The Mushroom Company, Monterey Mushrooms, Inc., Fresh Stock, Kulkarni Farm Fresh Pvt. Ltd., Agro Dutch Industries Ltd., Modern Mushroom Farms, Weikfield Foods Pvt. Ltd., Ecolink Baltic, Banken Champignons, Monaghan Mushrooms, Bonduelle, Scelta Mushrooms BV, OKECHAMP S.A., and The California Mushroom Farms Inc.

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