The Average Person Checks Their Smartphone Over 110 Times A Day

Toronto, Canada — eMarketer, which puts information together for digital companies, noted that in 2014 over half of Canada’s population used a Smartphone (any phone that performs computer functions – Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nexus, LG, etc.). Statista, one of the leading statistic companies on the Internet, predicted that in 2017, 29.8 million Canadians will be using Smartphone’s. That’ll reflect more than eighty percent of Canada’s population.

According to the wireless telecommunications industry, the United States has an estimated 300 million mobile subscribers, compared to 110 million subscribers a decade ago. Currently, that reflects ninety-two percent of the population.

68% of Workers Check Their Work Email Before 8 A.M.; 50% in Bed; 38% at the Dinner Table

What Is Electromagnetic Radiation?

Waves of energy move all around us. It comes from television and radio transmissions, the sun as solar radiation, and space as gamma radiation. Scientists call all of it electromagnetic radiation (EM) ( That’s because it has both magnetic and electric properties.

EM can be useful. Radio stations use EM to broadcast music. Soldiers depend on EM when they communicate to one another using radio technology. EM is used for medical purposes for X-Rays, CT Scans, and MRIs.

Our cell phones also emit EM whenever we turn them on.

Can EM Affect Human Health?

Our bodies use EM in the form of electrical impulses that help us think, process sensory information, and move. The electrical impulses in our bodies also control our heart. That’s why doctors use electricity to restart the heart. In fact everything in our body: cells, organs, muscles, ligaments, blood, etc, relies on electric charges to properly function.

Exposure to an external EM source can interfere with these biological processes. At first, it may simply cause a few unpleasant symptoms, but unless action is taken to limit exposure, a more permanent health effect may occur later.

Exposure to EM can cause:

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Difficulties with concentration
• Fatigue
• Headaches
• Insomnia
• Memory impairment
• Nausea
• Palpitations
• Short attention span
• Skin rashes
• Sleep disturbance

The more disturbing effects of exposure could contribute to:

• Alzheimer’s Disease
• Brain damage
• Heart disease
• Low sperm count
• Parkinson’s Disease

A study conducted by the World Health Organization suggested that exposure caused by cell phone usage could lead to brain tumours, both malignant and benign.
Can You Protect Yourself?

You could give up your cell phone, but how many people are really going to do that?

Aires Technology

Aires Technologies ( developed a cell phone protection shield that totally does away with the concern over EM exposure. It’s done by neutralizing and guarding you from the fields that are released. It actually removes the dangers the EM fields create.

Independent, objective medical and scientific facilities have tested and verified our patent approved, award devices.

It’s really all keeping you safe.

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