Meet This Week’s Specials: All types of wieners – flavoured and juicy!

When it comes to meat products the owners of bars, cafés and restaurants as well as individual clients should be very picky when it comes to choosing the right supplier. What is meant under the word “right?” In this case the synonyms of the word “right” are trusted, steady-going, risk fee. It is very important to choose a company that has earned its good standing and reliability among its clients throughout the years. Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory ( is proud to be one of these companies. The company has been on the market for almost 90 years now. Once they opened their doors to their customers in 1927, they continuously have proven their quality and high standards. Being able to catch up with the growing standards of their clients for almost a century is a tough task, but it seems that the company has absolutely no problems meeting the rising demands.

What is the company’s secret? There is no need to go deep into its strategy of doing business. The secret is simple – no need to reinvent the wheel, just cook what has been loved for years. The company gathers and uses original recipes from all over the world to cook their meat products.

When it comes to wieners the company uses authentic recipes from Italy, Germany, Australia and other European countries. (Did you know that the word “wieners” comes from the word Wien, an Australian city that is called Vienna in English)? Needless to say, Australian and German wieners are considered to be one of the tastiest in the world. This week’s specials include All Beef Jumbo Hot Dogs, Chicken Jumbo Hot Dogs, and Yves Jumbo Veggie Hot Dogs. Take the opportunity to try all and each of them. We can definitely sum up the wieners sold by Solomon’s in one word – delicious, but each of the wieners is delicious in their own way. Even a picky client will find something he will enjoy. Do not skip an opportunity to indulge in all of them and chose what is best for you.

About Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory

Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory ( has been functioning since 1927. The company provides services to Toronto’s vendors and street food trucks. Trying a new approach, the company started to also supply their products to hockey arenas. Besides the meat products, Soloway’s also offer condiments, drinks, fresh buns, and everything that is needed for a barbecue.