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Many heroes have earned their first scars when encountering a Mimic. The thrill of loot is a great distraction from the dangers that await an adventurous hero!
If you seek another distraction or wish to create an army of Mimics, we present you a papercraft Mimic which you can build at home! And it comes right on time for the festive season!

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Grab your sword, slash through the paper, and dazzle us with a picture of your very own hand-made Mimic chest. Place it on your desk, in the wild, or even under your Christmas tree to protect the gifts. If anything, we learned that mimics really do lurk almost anywhere…
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2x Profession Resources & 2x Guild Marks Start Tuesday, December 20 at 7:30AM PT (PC) and 10AM PT (Console)

2x Profession Resources & 2x Guild Marks End Sunday, December 25 at 7:30AM PT (PC) and 10AM PT (Console)

Please note that the guild armor requires a stronghold marketplace of Rank 2 to purchase.

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