Residential and Commercial Toronto Emergency Plumbing

It is common knowledge that emergency plumbers often have to come out at any time of the day or night to assist owners of businesses and homes. They help solve problems with plumbing and sewer systems and prevent future issues from occurring through provision of comprehensive inspections.

Top Reasons Home Owners Need Emergency Plumbing Services

One of the biggest mistakes home owners make is trying to make a repair or correct a problem with their plumbing instead of calling a professional. They might want to save money or the problem may occur at night or on weekends when they assume no one is available to help. At Lemarg (, we make our emergency plumbing services available 24/7 so we are here whenever you need us. When a toilet starts leaking on Friday night, don’t wait until Monday morning to call to find out your options.

Although the home owner is only likely to see the end result of a water problem, the cause often starts with the pipes that run into their home. Once water starts to back up in the shower, the pipes carrying water out of the home may have already become significantly clogged. When the problem becomes sever, the pipes may break. Some of the most common problems with plumbing occur from clogs, breaks, and leaks.

Plumbers are often called for emergency plumbing services after the home owner has poured grease down the drain. Grease that is liquid while hot turns into a solid as it cools. All types of grease are sticky and adhere to food particles that may get poured down the drain by mistake. The end result is a clog that can occur anywhere between the kitchen and the area where the pipe empties.

When residents of a home are leaving on vacation or they have placed their house for sale, they may greatly reduce the temperature of the furnace because the house is empty. Many home owners have returned from vacation only to find that their pipes have frozen and busted in their absence. For two-story homes, this often means a flooded first floor. Keeping the thermostat above freezing at all times will prevent you from needing the emergency services to clean up and repair the mess.

So when you run into a plumbing problem and you’re in the Toronto area, give Lemarg a call and they’ll get you take care of right away.

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