OneWay Improves the Blindly Advertising Strategy for Enterprises in Trouble


Nowadays, more and more consumers are occupied by MIDs which consists a prominent part of ordinary life. Mobile phones and mobile communication devices will be the most important media in the 21st century rather than paper or billboards. Mobile video advertising development prospects. In the context of rapid development of Internet, the sudden emergence of mobile video advertising has given birth to a lot of unique video advertising platforms including OneWay, the solution to the shortage of mobile video ads.

As an entrepreneurial team, OneWay was born to help advertisers and developers’ blindly advertising strategy in trouble. As the founder and CEO of the company, Li Wei has many years of related industry experience with keen insight and understanding of mobile video ads. Combining with his practical experience and theoretical reserves,he strives to enhance the level of the industry with the group to develop new technology on mobile video advertising , breaking the video ads barriers, for instance, difficult to optimize and untimely to effect feedback.

To tackle aforementioned problem, the OneWay advisement platform not only grants an unique, original and professional A/B project distribution access to uploaders, but also allows advertisers to conduct network test. In the meanwhile, big data analysis is taken into consideration to further characterize user’s human-video interaction, which further facilitate advertiser’s follow-up optimizing strategy.

Transient duration. The duration for OneWay video advertisement ranges from 6 second to 15 seconds, whereby customers could pause at any time and learn more about the product from the pop-up page.

Fast response. Advertisers could get a real-time analysis of customer’s video watching behaviour. And the next day advertisers would receive accurate data report and follow up advice on advertisement distribution optimization. This figure shows the background intercepted data analysis chart.

Easy access. OneWay is a self-serving ad platform, with ready-to-run ads available within one minute after advertisers complete all set-ups.

At present, its advertising covers more than 100 countries and regions, with short video broadcasting more than 100 million times per month.

Through customer behaviour analysis and computer vision matching, they could assist advertisers to distribute short video ads more accurately, effectively and quickly among 10000 high quality media all over the world.The current form of display contains mainstream screen ads, native-information flow advertising and incentive video.

Moreover, due to globally full-scale server node coverage, they could ensure the appropriate distribution of ads in suitable regions. Advertisers could monitor all video ad distribution data and user behaviour analysis from our background end. They also have already established a unique anti-cheating system for advertisers to identify ineffective viewing count, which is a crucial method to reduce advertising expenses.

How could OneWay help developers and media corporations get high-yield?

Specifically targeting mobile video game developers at home and abroad, they

provide short video SDK realization solution.

OneWay’s SDK is a lightweight, easy to integrate and compatible with the unique 6 -15 seconds’ short video realization system, compatible seamlessly with the world’s major well-known game engine.

Staying in the mobile Internet industry, one could infer that Internet-based steps should definitely be made ‘more Internet’. At present, they have built one-stop self-service developer integrated platform. Developers can register at our official website at any time. After adding applications, acquiring ID and downloading, and SDK integration followed by uploading application reviewing, one can successfully use OneWay SDK integration to easily achieve traffic realization

Leaded by OneWay, the short mobile video ads make a huge contribution to the increase of customers while helps to hold them tightly. It’s no doubt that it will obtain high-quality global users for developers and achieve the ultimate realization of the global flow of liquidity with more convenient services.

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Company Name: Oneway Network (HK) Limited
Contact: Cindy Zhang
Phone: +86 020 32200082
Address: Building room 1603-1604, Tianhe north road no. 898, Tianhe district, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

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