Amadeus Patisserie is the Best French Pastry Shop in Toronto

Toronto, CA – Any real Toronto coffee lover knows that the best side with a warm coffee or hot latte is a sweet and yummy treat. Amadeus Patisserie in downtown Toronto has the solution to those delicious goodies that pair so wonderfully with your cappuccino or espresso. They offer some of the best variety of baked treats and hot drinks (iced, if you prefer) that you can find in Canada. Amadeus Patisserie is an exquisite bakery/café located just around the corner of Clarke Ave on Bathurst St. They are famous for their wonderfully baked goodies such as: pastries, tarts, and cakes (custom too). They also offer some of the most delicious coffee like drinks in their beautiful café.

The Head Pastry chef at Amadeus Patisserie ( oversees a team of master bakers who “make magic in the kitchen!” They offer some of the best specialty cakes in town, and even offer options for you to order custom cakes for those special events and holidays. Don’t want a cake? They offer tarts and pastries as well. Their tarts are guaranteed to be made with the freshest fruits and ingredients, and are made in “French style” which makes them extra light and fluffy. The pastries are also made in the same method, promising to be made fresh and the same day. As part of their pastry menu, they offer an assortment of éclairs, macaroons, and croissants. The greatest part? They have an online store where you can browse their inventory from the comfort of your own home and place an order.

If you walk into the café at Amadeus Patisserie your sense of smell won’t only be filled the sweet aroma from the bakery, but you will also catch a hint of coffee in the air. You can order an espresso or cappuccino, and pair it with a delicious sandwich or danish. Each coffee is made from freshly roasted coffee beans, and the sandwiches are made ready to order.

About Amadeus Patisserie
Amadeus Patisserie ( was founded over twenty four years ago by famous chef Lior Aronovich while he was attending culinary school in Paris, France. He claims he was “enthralled by the attention to detail and quality of each step—from the beginning to the very end result of tasting the pastry creation.” A few years later in 2011, Lior’s wife Anat joined the mastery baking team and brought with her “eye for detail and unique style” for those infamous custom cakes with her. Everyone works hard together, Lior, Anat, the Head Pastry Chef and the master team, to give you an Amadeus experience you won’t forget.

Amadeus Patisserie
7380 Bathurst St. Thornhill, ON L4J 7M1
Phone: (905) 882- 9957

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