Milton Barbarosh – A Professional Financial Adviser

Starting a business has never really been much of the problem but staying competitive has always been a major challenge. A lot of businesses close down after few years of operation and this could be devastating especially when so much effort has been put into it. Sometimes, the problem may arise not only from lack of financial capacity, but deficiency in the skill set to setup a proper business system.

Milton H. Barbarosh ( of the Stenton Leigh Group is one of the most reliable business consultants available today. He specialises in providing expert financial advice to businesses of all types. While his many years of experience in the finance industry and high level of professionalism have placed him high above business associates the world all over, Milton Barbarosh stands outs for his passion for finance.

Hiring the services of a professional consultant to help manage the financial dealings of a business is a necessity. Milton Barbarosh has been working with finances ****** as far back as 1976, when he started his first professional career as an accountant for KPMG Peat Marwick.

Amongst the consultancy service offered by Barbarosh is reliable financial advice and strategies which help to further enhance the success of small and medium sized businesses. Most business owners do not have exceptional strategic plans designed to meet their business requirements and goals, hence the need for a professional financial consultant. No one can deliver a higher quality of service but Milton Barbarosh.

Milton Barbarosh ( is the founder and president of Stenton Leigh Group, a financial advisory company based in Boca Raton, Florida. He is renowned for being among list of the Top Business Consultants in South Florida by Non Profit NAABO.

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