Shale Gas Market Analysis Report and Forecast Upto 2021

The Shale Gas Market Research Report provides Industry analysis and evaluation of the current & prospective Market Size, Share, Trend and Growth during the study period (2014-2021).

Shale gas is a type of natural gas explored from shale rocks or deposits underneath earth through various techniques. Globally, it has become an increasingly important source of natural gas. Shale gas is extracted through techniques like horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. The global shale gas market is segmented based on its applications such as power generations, transportation and various other applications.

North America is the leading geography owing to largest production from United State and Canada. North America was the only active producer of shale gas till 2010. Europe and Middle East & Africa are the second fastest growing market, followed by Asia Pacific and Latin America region. Asia Pacific is the fastest growing market owing to new exploration in China.

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These projects are capital intensive that obstructs its development, but abundant resources and declining prices are boosting the growth of this natural gas. Discovery of new shale gas basins in China, Australia, etc. have created great opportunity for this market’s growth. In addition, it is expected to increase the ethylene production in the next few years.

Major player assessed in the report are :
– Baker Hughes Incorporation
– Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
– BHP Billiton Limited
– Royal Dutch Shell
– ConcoPhillips
– ExxonMobil
– Chesapeake Energy Corporation
– More

Geographically, this market has been segmented into regions such as North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East & Africa. The study details country-level aspects based on each segment and gives estimates in terms of market size.

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1. Shale Gas By Techniques :
– Horizontal Drilling
– Hydraulic Fracturing

2. Shale Gas By Applications :
– Power Generation
– Industrial and Manufacturing Applications
– Residential Applications
– Commercial Applications
– Transportation

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