Friendly Lender Offers Fast And Easily Applicable Online Cash Loans In Canada

Friendly Lender is a team of online professionals helping you to secure online cash loans based in Canada.

What is an online cash loan?

Online cash loans are fast, secure loans that are easily obtainable with no credit checks required. This is helpful for those who are need of emergency cash or have a poor credit rating and are having difficulty acquiring a personal loan from a traditional bank.

Some of the reasons people might want to request an online cash loan are home repairs, debt consolidation, planning a trip or paying unforeseen medical expenses. These are just a few of the many reasons people consider online cash loans to be a viable solution.

How does Friendly Lender work?

Friendly Lender puts lenders in touch with borrowers in order to facilitate the process of obtaining a short-term loan. Online cash loans are generally within the area of 100 to 1500 dollars and the lender can decide based on an application how much the applicant is qualified to receive.

Online loans secured through Friendly Lender generally take less than a day to process and are therefore a rapid solution to short-term financial needs. The only requirements are that you have an active bank account and minimum $800 in monthly salary. No credit check is required to obtain a loan through Friendly Lender’s online service.

You can visit Friendly Lender’s FAQ page to learn more.

About Friendly Lender

Friendly Lender is a service matching prospective lenders with borrowers. They have come up with a safe and dependable option for fast online cash advances. The company helps people complete the process of acquiring a loan from the comfort and privacy of their own home. They want their customers to be able to benefit from a rapid and hassle-free service of high quality without having to go through a traditional banking system which can sometimes be difficult.

Visit the Friendly Lender website at or contact them at

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