The House of BertelliPremieres the Most Expensive Handbag in the World



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The House of BertelliPremieres the Most Expensive Handbag in the World

Move over Mouwad, the House of Bertelli has the latest “it” bag. Italian artist and boutique handbag designer, Allegra Bertelli announces the launch of her latest and most extravagantline of handbagsto date.  The boutique design house has just created the most expensive and exclusive handbag in the world.

 Milan, Italy—(date) – The House of Bertelli wishes to announce their spring collection of handbags, among which are two of the most expensive and extravagant handbags in the entire world: the Regal Red Monaco Ostrich and the Spectra-Forever Green. The Red Monaco Ostrich is made from a luxurious red ostrich leather while the Spectra Forever was created from crushed cow leather. The two bags are priced at $210,000 and $162,000 USA respectively, which includes a hand delivery via charter plane to the new owner’s doorstep.  Much like designers Mouwad and Hermes, Bertelli’s designs are limited and extremely hard to come by. House of Bertelli was formerly a well kept secret among the Italian and French elites but has become popular thanks to celebrities and Dubai elites who clamor to have these couture pieces in their collection.

All of Allegra Bertelli handbags are designed in house, handcrafted and extremely limited in production.The House of Bertelli is part of Milan’s elite boutique community, catering to a more discriminating clientele who believe that good design and quality craftsman ship is an investment as much as a luxury. The design house has a membership program to keep track of the buyers of each of their handbags so that all owners of an Allegra Bertelli handbag know that what they own is not only an elegant and superior bag but a complete and utter original.  Membership fees are included in the price.

How do you put a price on Superior Craftsmanship? I will pay a premium for value any day as opposed to paying little to nothing for a worthless piece of anything.”

~Allegra Bertelli

The house has also designed a new limited LGBT edition of bags that also can be purchased by joining the privileged Members Only club. Inquiries about the bag should be made directly with House of Bertelli.

About Italian Leather

 CuoioItaliano or Italian Leather has been well-known within the fashion industry as being the world’s best. There is no other region or leather distributors who put as much time and effort into producing such supple, yet sturdy leather. The feel and strength of Italian Leather is incomparable, and for this reason major designers from all over the world come to Italy for their products. In Italy this tradition of leather production has been maintained by a select few families who keep a close rein on the distribution of their best leathers, choosing first to work with other Italian designers to support the tradition and brand exclusivity.

About Allegra Bertelli

 The Bertelli name and brand has been around since before the Renaissance. Allegra Bertelli was the Daughter of Andolino and Blanca Bertelli. Born in the small town of Urbino, on the steps of the Palazzo Ducale, her birth was of extraordinary circumstances, during extraordinary times.

Her father was a fine leather craftsman from Ravenna, and her mother, a woman of means from an aristocratic family from Lecce. Allegra begin working in her father’s shop in 1961 as a shop cleaner for one lira a month. Sixteen years as his apprentice she took over the family business and established House of Bertelli in 1975.

The Brand has stayed true to its small roots, humble beginnings, and core principles. Allegra’s philosophy on delivering products from the finest Italian leather known to man remains the bedrock of their business model. She has admired being labeled a boutique designer. She believes that there is no real value in mass produced products. Value should never be compromised because a strong desire to reach a global mass market. Mrs. Bertelli believes that there is no such thing as high priced items that come from exceptional quality and craftsmanship.


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