Research study on the MEA Vacuum Pumps Market provides a detailed analysis of types of application range

A vacuum pump is device used to create a partial vacuum by removing gas molecules from a sealed volume. With the advent of vacuum technology many innovative and new product developments have emerged having application in our day to day life. These include compact discs, powerful computers, TV-screens, light bulbs, coated eyeglass lenses, coated glasses for the building industry, mobile telephones, trustworthy food packaging, x-ray machines, electron microscopes and thermos jugs. Vacuum technology/components are categorized into three main sub segments namely; vacuum pumps, vacuum instrumentation and vacuum hardware.

Key factors driving the growth of the vacuum pumps market include energy demand growth and resurgence of large project activity after economic slowdown. Additionally, process industries have increased the popularity of vacuum pumps. With the advent of technology, vacuum pumps offer a viable cost-effective solution to achieve effective and efficient vacuum process based applications in various industrial sectors.

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In 2014, the low vacuum pressure pumps market in MEA held the largest market share. Medical devices and healthcare industry in MEA region is expected to drive the adoption of low vacuum pressure pumps during the forecast period as healthcare facilities offer potential opportunity for the growth of vacuum pumps. Due to increase in establishments of manufacturing and industrial sector in MEA region, medium pressure vacuum pumps market share is forecast to grow at a significant rate during the period from 2015 to 2025.

Based on the application range, the MEA vacuum pumps market is segmented into low vacuum pressure, medium vacuum pressure and high & ultra-high pressure. Depending upon the nature of business, manufacturers design vacuum pumps as per the pressure range required for respective applications. Another factor that influences the selection of vacuum pumps is the type of end-use application. The different types of vacuum pumps are categorized as; entrapment pumps and gas transfer pumps. These are further segmented into different types of vacuum pump. Customers choose a best-fit vacuum pump solution in order to cater to their requirements based on factors such as application requirement, vacuum pump type compatibility, budget, scalability, flexibility, and ease of installation. The oil & gas segment was the largest in 2014 and held the share of around 36% of the overall MEA vacuum pumps market.

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By country, GCC countries was one of the largest contributors to the MEA vacuum pumps market in terms of revenue in 2014 on account of large demand from SME manufacturing and industrial enterprises and presence of leading oil & gas producing companies deploying vacuum pumps in this region. Iran held the second largest revenue share of the overall MEA vacuum pumps market in 2014. Vacuum pumps market in Iran is expected to achieve significant growth during the forecast period from 2015 to 2025. Strong GDP, economic growth and revival of manufacturing and industrial sectors are expected to primarily drive the growth of vacuum pumps market in MEA region. Opportunities from other countries including North Africa (Egypt, Algeria, and Nigeria), Israel, Iraq and South Africa are expected to further drive the growth of MEA vacuum pumps market during the forecast period from 2015 to 2025.

Some of the leading players in MEA vacuum pumps market include Gardner Denver, Inc., Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH, ULVAC, Inc., Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum GmbH, Atlas Copco AB, Tuthill Corporation, Graham Corporation, Dekker Vacuum Technologies, Inc., Ebara Corporation and Sterling SIHI GmbH.

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