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A lot of small businesses get caught up in the process of creating the very best product or service, thinking that the strength of their products alone will help them generate leads and make sales. That’s how things would work in an ideal world. But as history has taught us, it’s not always the best product that wins; it’s who makes the strongest connection with customers that becomes victorious.

As new technology develops and the world becomes more connected than ever, competition is only going to get stiffer. It will be the companies who can make their offer appear the most relevant that will dominate the market. The best way to achieve this is through brand development.

Aware of the importance branding plays in creating a successful business, WinwithMidas is dedicated to giving companies, the tools they need to craft an identity that properly and authentically represents them. With years of experience in brand development, as well as a team of skilled strategists and designers, WinwithMidas has established itself as the perfect choice for small- and medium-sized companies in Portland. From identity and messaging to logo design, WinwithMidas knows what it takes to get a brand to stand out in a noisy world.

“What most small businesses don’t realize is that if they want to stand out from the competition and make sales, they have to be more than just interesting – they have to be fascinating. “We here at WinwithMidas have created a service that is research-based and strategically driven and that can help companies build a powerful foundation. We help companies connect with their customers through storytelling, creative logo design, and a strategic approach to brand identity,” said Kris Asleson, The Founder of WinwithMidas.

“A lot of small businesses ignore brand development, although this is probably the most valuable asset they have. A great brand can help them with their product development, their company culture, their marketing and sales conversions, and most importantly, their company’s growth. Compared to the other costs of promoting a business, investing in a comprehensive branding strategy like the one offered by WinwithMidas is the most efficient way to scale a business,” the spokesperson added.

WinwithMidas will ensure that your brand stays cohesive across digital, print, and other marketing mediums. They can also create a solid strategy to communicate your brand values and identity and get people not only interested in your company but excited to become your customers.

 Their services include:

  • Identity
  • Messaging
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Implementation

About WinwithMidas

WinwithMidas is a digital marketing, SEO, and web design agency based in Portland, Oregon that can help you streamline your business through adequate online marketing strategies. Focused on getting results, WinwithMidas created a system that replaces inefficient communication with compelling, effective marketing. Built on the principles of transparency, quality, and affordability, WinwithMidas has built a solid reputation and racked up the accolades

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