PR for sell your posters


PR for sell your posters

Ken Stiles his just put two posters up for sale on Sell ur Stiles had some photographs that were black-and-white and he colored them using artificial intelligence software. Then he took the color photographs and made them into a poster.

These posters are of vintage sailing schooners under full sail. “They look great together on my wall,” says Stiles. “They are made to go together on a wall, but don’t have to be shown that way.”

Wikipedia reports:
The Atlantic was built in 1903 by Townsend and Downey shipyard, and designed by William Gardner, for Wilson Marshall. The three-masted schoonerwas skippered by Charlie Barr and it set the record for fastest transatlantic passage by a monohull in the 1905 Kaiser’s Cup race. The record remained unbroken for nearly 100 years.[

The Schooner America’s race was held on August 22, 1851, with a 10:00 AM start for a line of seven schooners and another line of eight cutters.
America had a slow start due to a fouled anchor and was well behind when she finally got under way.

Traditionally, races would sail around the east (seaward) side of the lightship that marked the edge of the shoal, but one could sail between the lightship and the mainland if they had a knowledgeable pilot.

America had such a pilot and he took her down the west (landward) side of the lightship.

The result of this tactic put America in the lead and held this lead throughout the rest of the race.

After the race a contestant protested this action, but was overruled because the official race rules did not specify on which side of the lightship a boat had to pass.

Stiles has another photograph of a schooner that he took himself back in 1984 while on a windjammer cruise off the Maine coast. He has transformed it into looking like a painting.

The three schooners posters may be purchased at His other art posters my be found on another page

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