Robotic Vision Market: Asia-Pacific Expected to Dominate Market Share by 2021.

The Robotic Vision Market deals with the development and manufacture of robotic vision technologies. The technology surrounding robot vision involves the usage of a variety of algorithms on vision as well as robotic camera systems. The robotic camera systems try to provide real time accurate ‘vision’ to robots. The vision guided robotics are modified according to their application by the Robotic Vision Market.

Scope & Regional Forecast

Robotic vision technologies allow industrial robots to perform simple or complex tasks which revolve around the ability to see. The robotic camera systems capture data which is used by the vision algorithms to decode information and package it in a way that makes sense to vision robotics.

The Robotic Vision Market allows companies to truly embrace automation. Companies no longer need human workers to supervise industrial robots for simple or complex tasks. Hence, robotics companies can decrease costs or expenses by reducing the personnel needed to supervise the functioning of robots. Robot vision also allows robotic companies to maintain 100% product quality during manufacturing.

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The automotive industry has been a very important player in the Robotic Vision Market by capturing the largest share. IndustryARC expects the automotive industry to continue its leading contribution to the Robotic Vision Market over the next few years.

The European automotive industry was one of the earliest industries to believe in vision robotics. Since the creation of an automobile involves the assembly of numerous components and them being fixed on a different platform, the Robotic Vision market was able to make this possible through improving robotic vision technologies.

The Robotic Vision Market can have its hand in any pie where human presence has to be kept to a bare minimum due to safety concerns. For example, handling radioactive material in the nuclear industry or the processing of gases in the Material Processing industry are perfect situations for the Robotic Vision Market to provide specialized solutions.

Another key driver of growth in the Robotic Vision Market has been the Asia-Pacific region. Since the manufacturing costs are relatively low in this region, automation and manufacturing industries are making a beeline for it. In fact, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to dominate the Robotic Vision Market share by 2021.

Segmentation & Key Players

The Robotic Vision Market can be broken down into various segmentations on the basis of its applications like welding, inspection, material handling, cutting, grinding, assembling & vice-versa, etc. Competence in such applications come in really handy, especially for the aerospace and metal processing industries.

Some of the key players involved in the Robotic Vision Market according to IndustryARC findings are as follows:

  • Sick AG
  • Yaskawa
  • Mvtech Software GmbH
  • Qualcomm Technologies
  • Faro Technologies Inc.

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