Hi Kelley, I think the post you

University of South Florida, and worked in finance for 20 years. She has been freelance writing for the past few years and established womensblogtalk.com in 2011. She lives in South Florida with her husband and her hobbies include yoga and beach volleyball. BioGeniste Skin Serum Hi Kelley, I think the post you meant to place this comment was for the. From what I could research, many of these “snake venom” creams use a synthetic formulation of the venom from a pit vyper. It works to relax/”paralyze” the facial muscles into looking more smooth similar to how botox works. The problem I think stems from this substance being absorbed and affecting other parts of the body… It’s not real snake venom, unless you’re shopping at a back alley store in Thailand perhaps (my guess). ? There is a cream that I recommend using the ingredient http://drozforskolin.org/biogeniste-skin-serum-reviews/

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