This runescape guide is simple

All you guys who’s doing hate, this guide is simple,easy, and aint doing much time on doing it, this guy wanted to help players ingame runescape who mabye aint the best to understand a guide were you need to do alot, “poor” players, dont got money for better monsters to kill, this is a good video. Welcome to Buy Cheap RS Gold and Cheap OSRS Gold at with 2% discount code: codesave2%.

It’s called run and energy pots plus terror bird. Boots of lightness and a spotier cape with a korasi and ags. That’s the fastest no shit way to run there and back making your video shorter making this video less a waste of life.


Two words could have condensed your whole video: ice warriors, and dude, when you make guides like this, keep in mind that 1. Runescape Server Transfer Date Revealed,Come to buy cheapest RS 2007 Gold at

Never forget to save money by using this 2% discount code – codesave2%. When people can kill lvl 57’s and 2. when they are getting runescape gold charms, theyre probably experienced enough to know where ice warriors are. the first 2 mins of this vid were completely unnecessary.

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