Beaded door curtains and window curtains – Home decor

If you want to have a romantic passage into the room, colorful beads can be very good to decorate your door. The curtain has Bohemia style, different types of beads were used to make the door and window attractive. We supply the different materials of the beaded door curtain, to create a different decorative effect.

In addition to beads used to decorate the doors and windows, they also used to separate room. They are usually used to clean up storage rooms or kitchens of small shops or restaurants. For home decoration, you can also use the bead curtain to separate your bedroom, closet, and storage area.

Beaded curtains are very popular in global market that they are suitable for indoor decoration. According to different styles of interior design, buy a different style of bead curtain to match. Bead curtain not only has a beautiful appearance, but also easy to clean. There is a lot of bead curtain price from online vendors, generally depends on the quality of the beads, as well as the overall design and process of the bead curtain.

Different types of beads are used to make different bead curtain. These beads, including glass, wood, bamboo, plastic, acrylic, sometimes even crystals and diamond. The plastic beads usually are very cheap online, you can buy from our company and go back to DIY beaded curtain. According to design ideas, custom beaded curtains with a variety of styles and sizes.

Beaded door curtains and window curtains are popular in the market, filled with modern design elements, but the cost is not high and easy to maintain. If your bead curtain is broken, order the same style and size of the bead curtain to replace from online store.

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