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Street – Room 4014, Building NO.2
City – Chengdu
Zip Code – 610021
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Country – China
Telephone – 0086-28-85214086
Fax – 0086-28-85214086
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Chengdu (China), 28th November 2016: Are you bored with your daily mundane life in cities of China? Visit Chengdu to live the ultimate dream of any traveler with AbsolutePanda Tours. Don’t you dream to cuddle the cute and lazy pandas, or wander in the wilderness with your DSLR in your hand? If yes, then be a part of the tours in Chengdu region arranged by AbsolutePanda Tours.

AbsolutePanda Tours

AbsolutePanda Tours

This organization is known for amazing China Travel Service. In fact, when we check their website, we got to see some amazing response from their clients too. Steve Z who visited China in February, 2014 with some friends has left some amazing response as testimonials on the website. In fact, he not only assured that he will avail their service again but also has chose AbsolutePanda for 5 times during his visit.

Why AbsolutePanda Tour

If you are wondering, what is the reason behind such popularity of AbsolutePanda Tours then there are plenty. The needs of any traveler who loves to loiter around in the wilderness or want to spend some quality time with some cuddly animals will be surely different than that of regular tourists. AbsolutePanda takes care of all such needs of the travelers, and they arrange their Chengdu Panda Tours, Qinghai Wildlife Safari, Tibet Plateau Wildlife Photo safari, Sangri La Snow Mountain adventure Trip according to the of such travelers. So, if you are planning to visit the wild regions of China for some different experience, AbsolutePanda Tour can be your perfect travel companion.

AbsolutePanda Tours

AbsolutePanda Tours

About AbsolutePanda Tour

AbsolutePanda is the only travel company who focuses on panda and other wildlife in China. They arrange tours not just for the travelers around the world, they also take part in spreading the awareness to protect and preserve the wild animal, endangered species and their habitat. Their vision is to establish harmony between nature, travelers and locals. So, if you are thinking of visiting China to experience thes with nature, AbsolutePanda Tour is your perfect companion. Call them at 0086-28-85214086 to arrange the tour or visit for more information on the tours.


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